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After School Registration Live Today!

Greetings Salk Family!

Online registration for Manhattan Youth After School will be open Saturday August 1st @ 3pm.
This is a 2 step process.

First, follow the link to the Manhattan Youth website to begin registration.


Second, after  you have successfully completed all the steps you will receive an email sending you to the DYCD website to complete consent forms.

Then you will receive a final email confirmation with class selections.
If you do not complete the DYCD forms your registration is incomplete.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any problems, questions or concerns.
Have a wonderful summer & I look forward to meeting everyone in September!!!

Principals Message

From: Rhonda Perry, Principal

August 31, 2015

Dear Salk Students and Parents,

Hello!  We hope that everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation.  This summer I spent lots of time at the public libraries and playgrounds around the city with my daughter.  I am becoming quite the expert on books and magazines for the under eight crowd and best places to play in NYC.   My daughter fell in love with “Vampirina Ballerina,” so my summer was spent playing lots of games about vampires, zombies and other wacky creatures.  I must say that I so deeply appreciate the wonderful work that current writers are doing to enrich the lives of young people and to make reading to children fun for adults too.  I hope that you also found time to immerse yourselves in all sorts of stories.  Our staff is very excited to hear tales of your adventures and to meet the many friends you have made from your books.

I am so thrilled about the continuation of our after school program led by Manhattan Youth.  Every day from 2:30 to 6:00 beginning September 9th, students will be able to participate in an exciting array of programs from sports to arts and crafts to many science and engineering activities.  Hopefully, you’ve already checked out many of the offerings online.  Our new director of the after school program is Kimberly Ludwig.  Kimberly spent many years as a history teacher involved with after school programs. I am very excited to introduce her to you.  You will hear much more about this fantastic program in the upcoming weeks. 

In addition to a wonderful after school program, all students can expect a rigorous and fun-filled academic program.  Sixth graders will enjoy a rigorous program of humanities, math, science, science research and writing, advisory, drama, art and physical education during the school day.   Seventh graders can expect to begin the first of their two-year study of Spanish. As you may already know, selected eighth grade students take the Spanish proficiency exam in June in order to be eligible for a more advanced foreign language placement in high school and our eighth grade students have the option of taking the Algebra high school regents.  Once again, for the second half of the year, all students will be able to select from an exciting array of electives.

As you know, the first day of school is on Wednesday, September 9th.  (It will be a full day.)  School will begin at 8:00am and end at 2:20pm. Please note that breakfast and lunch are free of charge to all students for the entire school year, however, students are welcome to bring their own lunch.  We will put the forms that we require from parents and students online in the next few days.  Please go to our website (www.salkschool.org) to download them. You can bring them with you on the first day or within the first week of school.    Once all forms are turned in, and if students have permission from parents, our seventh and eighth grade students will be able to go outside for lunch the next day.  In addition to returning all forms and obtaining parent permission to go outside for lunch, our sixth graders will be able to go outside for lunch later in the school year after they have had a chance to settle in to the new routines of middle school.  Before going out to lunch, we will talk about safety and students will have a tour of the neighborhood with their advisors. 

Students, please remember to bring in your summer assignments on the first day as well as suggested school fees (for your labs, a planner, parent website usage and a school issued lock for your locker—outside locks will not be permitted).  Sixth graders should also bring in money and forms for the Greenkill overnight trip on October 8th.  It will take us a few days to distribute locks and lockers, so please do not bring all of your personal supplies to school until after you get a locker.  You should also be aware of the fact that you will share a locker with another student, so you may want to use your judgment about which items to bring to school and which items to leave at home.  We ask for your patience in the first week of school while we set things up.

We will have signs on the front door and throughout the building letting students know exactly where each grade should go on the first day.   Parents of sixth graders and sixth grade students will meet us at 8:00am on September 9th in the auditorium.  Seventh grade students will gather in the 1st floor gym and 8th grade students will gather in the courtyard.   You will be hearing more from us about class breakfasts and Curriculum Night.  We will also provide you with a school calendar and an account for our school website in September if you haven’t been able to log on.  In the meantime, you can obtain information and calendars at the Department of Education’s website at (http://schools.nyc.gov) or our Salk School website at (www.salkschool.org).

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation!  We are very excited about the 2015-2016 school year!

Warmest regards,










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