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From the principal

From: Rhonda Perry, Principal

Three great things you should know about Salk:

1) Did you know that the Salk School has six core values?

Several years ago, staff here at Salk decided that we needed to have some underlying principles stemming from our vision and mission that would communicate our beliefs about learning and the kind of community (and world) that we value. We surveyed parents, teachers, staff and students to inquire about their beliefs about community and individual responsibility. Basically, we asked them what are your hopes, dreams and aspirations for yourself and for young people? What kind of people do you want to see in the world? After collecting all of our data, we held many sessions in order to synthesize the information and really make it say what we believe. The end result is the following core values which we live by:
As a Salk community member, I :
• have a passion and dedication to learning
• am open-minded
• am open-hearted
• am true to myself
• feel responsible to my community
• take action to improve the world around me
Over the next few months, teacher and staff will spend a lot of time talking about and living these six core values in their classes and in our advisory program. As adults, we model these values for our students in all that we do because our children are our hope for the future and a future based on these values is a very, very bright one. Please join us in modeling and discussing these values with your children.

2) Did you know that we now have a comprehensive after school program?

I’ve shared the news with you, but I’ll happily share it again. We were very fortunate to have been awarded a major grant through the mayor’s office to offer a comprehensive after school program to our middle school students every day from 2:20-5:40. Our program is up and running and it is all free of charge. We have partnered with Manhattan Youth to expand our offerings. Students have the opportunity do homework, to engage in science and engineering activities, to dance, to put on a play, to play various sports and much, much more. Please contact Kim Waldon (917)-565-7162, the after school director, to sign up. I saw lots of fun things happening as I checked out the program yesterday. Don’t miss out on the fun!

3) Did you know that we are participating in the Wellness In the Schools (WITS) program which means our lunches are being prepared by a professional –Chef Jenny?

Yes, it’s true. I just got done eating some delicious falafels, sweet potato fries, salad and a very juicy peach after meeting Chef Jenny (Jennifer Ecclestone). Thanks mainly to the efforts of the PS40 parent body (you have to love elementary school parents) and our Salk School Wellness Council, we have partnered with WITS. The mission of WITS is “to inspire healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in public schools.” Chef Jenny will be here every day at lunch time to serve up her delicious, healthy lunch menu. So, spread the word to your children that they should check out the new, wonderful school food and meet Chef Jenny! (And, please tell them to share with their sweet principal and teachers! : ) Also, check out the WITS website to learn more about the program and to get some good recipes:


Check out the video of the mayor's visit to our school:


Mayor de Blasio Launches 'School's Out New York City'

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