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Principal's Message

The Salk School is one of a handful of collaborative schools started in 1995. Salk has a strong collegial culture of learners where teachers focus on fostering a love of learning in children and work closely with families to nurture students’ voices. We want students to graduate with a passion for ideas and to believe in themselves and their power to make the world better.

Our academics-- with an enriched science education program that emphasizes inquiry and writing –is rigorous and engaging. We work with professionals in the field of science and take advantage of numerous cultural institutions in New York City in order to empower students with the knowledge and practice to behave and think like scientists. Students leave Salk understanding that science is a way of making sense of the natural world through observation, experimentation, and an open and critical exchange of ideas. 

In other subject areas our goal is the same-- to help students develop the habits of mind of professionals in various disciplines. All students study math, science, literature, social studies, foreign language, physical education, technology, drama, and art. There is a strong emphasis on literacy across the curriculum.

Our learning community is small, safe, nurturing and student-centered. We are committed to creating an environment where students are: dedicated to learning, open-minded, open-hearted, true to themselves, responsible to the community, and active in improving the world. All of our professionals are committed to being a part of young people’s lives in order to help them develop a strong sense of self. We have a family friendly environment, and we welcome experts in various fields to share their experiences with our students.