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Update your NYC Schools Account

Hi Parents,

Happy end of the school year and start of summer!

Starting in September, the staff will be transitioning to using our DOE emails ( and the DOE Message Center to contact parents directly. In order to facilitate this transition, it is important that you have accurate contact information in the DOE system. To make sure your contact information is accurate, log in to your NYC Schools Account ( and follow the instructions below:

1) Click on MyStudent

2) Click on Emergency Contact

3) Make sure your phone and email contact is accurate for all parents/guardians. You may add more emergency contacts if needed

4) If they are not accurate, click the "EDIT" button at the bottom and update accordingly.

For all contacts you can update the phone numbers here. For any contact beyond the first one you can update the email address directly here. For the first contact, you are unable to directly edit the email on this page. If the email is incorrect, go back to the main page by clicking the 9 dot square in the corner

Then click on the settings button

And then update the email address

This will also update your sign in email for your NYC Schools Account. More information will be shared about how you can contact teachers directly through their DOE emails near the end of the summer. 


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